Automated Bank Clearing

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Automated Bank Clearing

The Bank Clearing Automation (BCA) is a microservice that clears automatically bank records with accounting entries. It leads to an automated posting of entries to the entreprise’s ERP.




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Drive efficiency to your Accounting Department
by automating your bank clearing process.

In many companies, bank clearing is still at a digital stage, with remaining manual transformations highly time consuming and potentially leading to errors. We explore here the process, for any bank and to any ERP, that automates this bank clearing process.

Manual or Excel based clearing

Manual transformations and clearing

Creating reports, or calculating and transforming data in Excel, is a manual and highly time consuming task.​

Time consuming

Even been digitalised, the process still takes a significant amount of time.

Hardly traceable and secure

Neither the workflow nor the mistakes are traced or auditable.

Automated bank clearing

Automated clearing

With the automation, the clearing process matches up to 95% of transactions.

Instant process

Using Reference Data, we apply instantaneously complex transformations.

Secure and auditable

The entire process is secured, traceable and auditable.

Process workflow

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