Automated HR Solutions

We assist large businesses in managing their daily business workflow. From accounting to time and management solutions, we implement intelligent and automated services to optimise daily processes.


Automated HR Solutions

By automating Human Ressources Processes we replace human tedious and repetitive tasks.




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Drive efficiency and agility to your HR Department,
by automating your Human Resources Processes.

By automating Human Ressources Processes we replace human tedious and repetitive tasks; from any source of data, to any output, we automate small to complex workflows that lead to a greater agility, security and efficiency of the HR department.

Human Resources problematics

Data scattering

Data concerning employees is dispatched within many different ERP’s or SaaS.

Data security

HR managers hardly have a full overview of employees situation, rights and productivity.

Time consuming processes

HR related process involve different departments and imply time and intra-company effective communication.

HR Automated Processes

Data centralisation

Gather and monitor all the HR related data in a central and secure Cloud environment.

Automated processes

Automatise data extraction and transformation, to integrate it into any ERP or SaaS.

Secure and traceable workflow

Implement auditable workflows and easily identify and track errors or discrepancies.

Process workflow

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