Automated PDF data extraction

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PDF Interpreter

The PDF Interpreter is a micro-application that allows reading complex data from PDF documents, such as invoices or logistics documents.




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Automatically extract and calculate data
from complex or recurring PDF documents

Recurring complex PDF documents, such as invoices, that OCR can not properly read, require a time-consuming manual inputing process. The PDF Interpreter is made for this: automating the data extraction and calculation from complex and recurring PDF documents.

Data entry from PDF

Processing time

Extracting data from documents and filling Excel tables or ERP’s is a manual and highly time consuming task.

Data reliability and traceability

The data is extracted manually which leads to processing errors, lack of traceability and security.

Data transformation

Data extracted, even via OCR, often needs transformation, calculations and reformatting, currently manually done.

PDF Interpreter

Automatically extract and transform data from any PDF document

The PDF Interpreter extracts and calculates automatically the data from any PDF through tailor-made algorithms.

Ensure the quality and reliability of the data extracted

The data is extracted and transformed with up to 100% accuracy and the process is fully traceable.

Save time, process more documents faster

Companies implementing the PDF interpreter save on average 1 day per 500 pages automatically processed.

Process workflow

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