Organisations playing in different markets face volatile and complex tax regulations. We assist them in managing their tax architecture, from automated processes and reports, to statutory and legal obligations.




Arnaud TUAL


Jarosław WILK


We assist companies in achieving efficient reporting processes.​

We assist organisations in their daily tax administration and introduce intelligent tax management architectures. We automate the generation of tax statutory files (such as JPK), focusing on real-time update and availability. All tax advisory services are supervised by licensed tax advisers or attorneys-at-law.

Daily tax administration services and advisory

Real-time tax reports

Automated generation of tax statutory files

Transfer pricing

We help our clients in defining a transfer pricing strategy which allows them to avoid tax risk and optimise tax payment related to transactions within subsidiaries of the same group.

Tax documentation and agreements

Anticipation of transfer pricing audits​

Procedures with tax authorities

VAT Advisory

We provide experienced and effective tax advisory services, especially related to VAT matters. Introducing analytical automated reporting and smart alerts, we enhance the well management of VAT obligations.

Polish VAT registration

VAT compliance advisory for all type of transactions

VAT representative towards authorities

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