business services

Business Process Outsourcing

We assist large businesses in managing their daily business workflow. From accounting to time and management solutions, we implement intelligent and automated services to optimise daily processes.

Account Payables and Receivables

We assist large organisations in managing and performing general accounting in compliance with Polish and International standards. We implement agile workflows to ensure timely payments and good relationships with your suppliers.

  • Accurate accounts payable reconciliation
  • Clearing accounts and discrepancies analysis

Expenses Management

We process and manage collaborators expenses through automated workflows. We give the ability to employees to easily record and input their data, and for the managers and administrators to analyse it.

  • Set up of expenses policies and processes
  • Prevention of payments not related to the business
  • Expenses report analysis

Human Resources​​

We provide intelligent workforce management solutions and advisory. We implement solutions and processes easily adoptable to empower your collaborators.

  • Workforce management solutions and internal applications
  • Executive Search and recruiting assistance 


We implement dedicated cloud based solutions for organisation to smoothly manage payroll matters. We merge different data sources to analyse and produce payroll information.

  • Payroll operations security and confidentiality
  • Payroll declarations and social security contributions
  • Time and attendance solutions to calculate accurate working time