Business services


The emergence of data in a globalised context has made legal problematics to be more and more complicated. We assist corporations in their daily legal procedures, as well as implement disruptive solutions to quicken legal processes.


We assist companies in achieving efficient legal processes or actions.

Corporate law

In order to preserve business, we assist our clients to ensure their compliance with the Labour law. We also advise them on legislation, to minimize risks of raising disputes with their employees and create positive changes to a successful management.
  • Drawing up work regulations
  • Employment contracts and documentation
  • Documents e-filling / signing
  • GDPR and legal compliancy

Restructuring and insolvency

We help our clients in defining a transfer pricing strategy which allows them to avoid tax risk and optimise tax payment related to transactions within subsidiaries of the same group.
  • Preventive measures to avoid insolvency
  • Acts for creditors or debtors during insolvency proceedings
  • Advice on debt restructuring and rescheduling
  • Resolve employment law issues related

About our Legal department

Created in 1993, we build financial and data infrastructures for listed companies and their subsidiaries. We focus on delivering high-end technologies and processes for companies managing large amounts of data and workforce.