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Payroll &
Human Ressources

Our innovative and comprehensive payroll solutions and softwares help you to manage personnel matters and avoid cost expensive damages. 

Payroll Management

Our professional team helps you to manage and perform accounting related to maintenance and processing of accounts payable records. We implement the latests technologies, ensuring timely payments and maintaining good relationships with your suppliers.

Payroll records

  • Collection of payroll information
  • Data inputing and maintaining

Employees salary & benefits

  • Calculation of payroll liabilities
  • Employees settlements according to the civil law

Prevention of payroll fraud

  • Resolution of payroll discrepancies
  • Payroll operations protection, security and confidentiality

Compliance with statutory law

  • Filling documentation in conformity with the Labour law
  • Preparation of the annual Tax information (e.g. personal income tax, PIT)

Settlements with the Social Insurance (ZUS)

  • Calculation and payment of social security contributions(pension, disability, sickness, accident, …)
  • Preparation and submission of payroll declarations (RCX, RZA, DRA, etc)

HR Practices & Functions

We advise clients to implement an integrated approach of human resources practices and functions.
  • Ensure employees’ statutory rights
  • Promote leadership and staff development
  • Control hiring and firing processes
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