DATA services

Cloud computing

Building agile and efficient architecture in the Cloud is one of the key problematics of tomorrow. We assist corporations in shifting their data and processes to the Cloud, and building smart Cloud architectures.

Cloud services

We assist companies shifting to cloud-based systems. 

Cloud implementation

We assist companies shifting to cloud-based systems. The Cloud enables to reduce cost of physical servers as well as offers unmatched calculation capacities. We implement new intelligent business procedures and develop several innovative products with cloud’s vast computing tools.
  • Transition to cloud computing technology and support to data center migration
  • Cloud implementation to take advantage of servers, storage, applications & services
  • Set-up identity and access management

About our Data department

Created in 1993, we build financial and data infrastructures for listed companies and their subsidiaries. We focus on delivering high-end technologies and processes for companies managing large amounts of data and workforce.