DATA services

Data processes

Through intelligent data processing and transformation, we leverage the power of data inside organisations. We capture, prepare, calculate and output data from any source, implementing innovative algorithms, with a strategic and analytical approach.

We capture, transform and calculate data​

We assist companies in managing their large amounts of data, scattered in many different softwares and databases. We process it through tailor-made algorithms to synchronise it with any final application or action.

We give the ability to managers and stakeholders to take data-driven decisions, implement automated processes and visualisations in Business Intelligence dashboards.

Data processing​

We capture data from any source (paper, files, softwares, ERP, IoT, …), create standard formats and calculate it.

Data architecture

We create intelligent data architectures, with automated and real-time workflows as well as smart alerts and analytics.

Data security

We focus on data security and availability. We always make sure to remain updated with the latests cybersecurity processes.

About our Data department

Created in 1993, we build financial and data infrastructures for listed companies and their subsidiaries. We focus on delivering high-end technologies and processes for companies managing large amounts of data and workforce.