DATA services


From time and attendance to inventory management, we develop digital innovative applications and softwares. Our team of developers is specialised in building tailor-made data capturing and visualisation solutions.

We develop smart tools to automatise and optimise processes

Cloud capacities give us the ability to develop and deploy innovative data microservices. From accounting and financial softwares, to time management specific applications, we imagine and implement tailor made solutions to easily manage data and processes.

Service conception

We imagine and mockup products, focusing on efficient architectures and usability.

Tool development​

We develop tailor-made internal services and applications to reinvent your processes.


Our services work on mobile and desktop, always focusing on end-user experience and availability.

About our Data department

Created in 1993, we build financial and data infrastructures for listed companies and their subsidiaries. We focus on delivering high-end technologies and processes for companies managing large amounts of data and workforce.