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We specialize in process automation and optimization of financial departments.
Start externalizing one of your time consuming processes to gain instant result.

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Audit your current financial processes

As a specialized micro-outsourcer, we outsource from a single workflow to entire architecture. In order for any department to start quickly automating recurring and complex tasks, we run audits on one or many processes you currently have, to suggest you or prototype you automated workflow.

What processes to audit?

Here are some examples of traditional recurring and tedious processes that financial departments are responsible of.




Human Resources

Tax calculations

Data Management

Our Method
1.1 Audit of selected processes
  1. Review of selected processes.
  2. Working sessions with the Client’s employees responsible for process implementation to understand the process flow.
  3. Preparation of records of the next steps of the data transformation and calculation processes.
  4. Description of the processes presented during the working sessions with the Client’s employees. 
  5. Identification of specific solutions for achieving the same result in a more efficient manner.
1.2 Report

As a result of the audit, we prepare a report including detailed recommendations for each process examined. 

We include general recommendations for the Client to improve its operations in terms of financial data processing methods for ERP night batch, among others. 

The purpose of the report is to show how to achieve the same results within the audited processes with less work time, fewer errors and the collection of knowledge dispersed in the organization.

Latest use cases

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