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From statutory reports to group consolidation, from medium to large and listed corporations, we bring a new approach to Financial Reporting.




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Reporting operations is a time-consuming and yet still an Excel based processed. By automating any reporting workflow, we eliminate the need for teams to spend many hours digging through data, physically transferring it, and manually preparing reports.

Automating reporting processes specifically means automating all the data transformation and calculations. From many different SaaS, ERP or custom company softwares, we conceive a tailor-made algorithm that will create every calculation possible and needed for any report. The calculations can then be outputted to any software (Power BI, PowerPoint, Excel, …) to build your custom report.

We shorten closing times and provide you with enough flexibility that we can re-calculate any amount in minutes. We empower teams and free them to spend more time on analytical and presentation aspects.

Financial Statements automated calculations

Calculations and transformations leading to monthly or annual reports.

Discrepancy reports of unusual transactions​

From different accounting systems, identification of unusual operations.

USALI formatting for hospitality reporting

Reports matching the USALI standard system, from different hotels and standards.

Any standard, any report

We conceive your statutory reports in compliance with Polish and International standards, but also build your custom group or management reports.

Re-calculate in minutes

By automating calculations, we can change the algorithm or calculate again any amount in a very short time. We update the algorithm constantly, to ensure it is always accurate.

Boost closing times

Eliminate manual and Excel transformations that lead to long processing times and reduced productivity. Enhance quick approvals with automated workflows and versioning, making sure you are always working on the latest and approved version.

Data accuracy and flexibility

While manual-based tasks produce errors that are hard to identify, data integrity and mistake-free are key in reporting. By transferring manual calculations to a code, we eliminate errors and ensure a strong accuracy.

Easily auditable

With automated processes, every transformation is logged in an audit file, easily accessible. You can quickly identify errors or discrepancies at each step of the calculations.

Real-time decisions enhancer

Though smart automated services, enhance your capacity of taking data-driven decisions, at any time.

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Where to start?

Is your finance team stymied by repetitive, monotonous, and ineffective tasks?

Do you have a lot of manual workarounds and data re-entry in your existing accounting system?

Do you spend too much time closing the books and preparing the financial statements?

Are there any manual reconciliations or updates to numerous excel files required for closure and reporting?

Reporting use cases

Complex Contracts Management

Digitalise and automatise the provisions and payments of your complex recurring contracts. Provisions and payment calculations of complex contracts is a tedious and repetitive task


Contracts Generation

From any ERP or HR management system, automatise your contracts generation. Contract redaction and data collecting is a tedious operations for Human Resources departments and