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Our Human Resources department is specialized in Executive Search and Recruitment. Get in touch with them to specify your needs.


Bertrand JANNET


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We are always looking for financial, data or IT enthusiasts – if you are looking for a position in these fields, drop us a line!

With more than 30 years of experience in Poland and Central Eastern Europe, we identify and recruit for our clients the best top managers and C-executives in the region. We have worked for 200+ corporate clients, recruiting more than 1,000 individuals. Contact us to describe us the profile you are looking for.

Direct executive search

We work with a limited number of clients per sector, so as not to create competition between our different clients. With more than 30 years of experience, we have recruited employees of all levels for more than 200 companies in Poland and Eastern Europe.

Rare and specific positions

We identify rare and specific profiles - whether they have professional certifications, experience with a particular software or machine. Following a precise definition of your needs, we are able to propose several profiles corresponding exactly to the person you are looking for. Following interviews and feedback from you, we set up the recruitment of the person (and/or help him/her to terminate the contract with his/her current company, if necessary)


Whatever the position you are looking for and whatever the level of skills or seniority, we are able to propose a large number of profiles - some of which we already know well - that can meet your needs.

Follow your headhunting processes through our collaborative platform.

Our clients can follow any process, get instant reports and approve or reject any candidate through the collaborative platform we have implemented. Every recruitment process can be assessed at any time.