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IT and Data services

We always implement the latests technologies to our clients’ processes. Data management and cloud-computing, with all the calculation capacities that it provides, are essential moves for a business.

cloud services

Cloud computing

We help companies shifting to cloud-based systems. The Cloud enables to reduce cost of physical servers as well as offers unmatched calculation capacities. We implement new intelligent business procedures and develop several innovative products with cloud’s vast computing tools.

  • Transition to cloud computing technology and support to data center migration
  • Cloud implementation to take advantage of servers, storage, applications & services
  • Set-up identity and access management

Data management

It is said – Data is the new oil. We specialized in capturing, treating and managing large amounts of structured and unstructured data. We render them in order to take the best data-driven decisions, automating procedures and visualizing data in BI dashboards.

  • Data collection, transformation and export.
  • Implementation of machine learning processes 
  • Ensure compliance and data security

Microservices development

Our developers are specialized in development of web and mobile applications. We provide micro-services development, as an aggregation of small apps into clients system offering them.

    • Preparation of concept development
    • Building valuable software architecture
    • Testing and deployment of applications
    • Support and maintenance
    • Automation of the system

Our Expertise

We focus on data capturing, treatment and availability. Our disruptive accounting technologies perform constant cross-check in processes, to ensure security and consistency of your financial data.

We are specialized in Business Process Improvement (BPI) and data-driven automatizations and decisions.