New rules to prevent “stealing of companies”

From 21 June 2022, it will be possible to monitor and receive notifications about new entries in the National Court Register (KRS) and cases registered in the system, concerning companies and other entities entered into the KRS. One user will be able to receive notifications for up to 50 entities. This will be made possible by the amendment of the Act of 20 August 1997 on the National Court Register, which was signed by the President at the beginning of May. Its aim is primarily to strengthen the informational function of the Register, and thus also make business conducted by companies safer. According to the proponent’s expectations, the new regulations are to prevent the practices of so-called “stealing of companies” by submitting applications to KRS on the basis of falsified documents taking advantage of unawareness of legitimate owners and management boards. After the entry into force of the amendment, thanks to the information obtained, entitled persons will be able to counteract this by joining the proceedings or appealing against the decision on entry.

Notifications will take the form of a newsletter received to the indicated e-mail box and will include information such as: number in the Register, case number, date of entry or registration of the case and entry number. To add an entity to the mailing list, it will be necessary to provide its KRS number in the IT system. Furthermore, it will be necessary to extend annually the notification period, which will prevent the so-called “dead subscriptions”. Not only will the new function enable to protect against unauthorized takeover of the company, but also to monitor submitted applications and the status of initiated cases.

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