How we work

From Accounting to Financial Data, we are a 30-years experience financial services company. We specialize in process automation and optimization of financial departments.

We bring efficiency and reliability
to recurring and crucial financial processes

From a single accounting process, to new financial architectures, we build custom-fit financial data services that relieve companies in just a few weeks, without hard implementation costs and workload. 

We are specialised services company, process focused, to assist Financial departments from their daily accounting operations, to their annual reports and consolidation.

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We relieve Financial departments
from time-consuming and repetitive operations

With cloud and data technologies, we bring quality, efficiency and reliability to processes that are still too time-consuming, risky and repetitive for Financial Departments. We always start by auditing the current process to suggest an externalised or automatised service.

Recent services implemented

Accounting posting
from recurring invoices

Automated accounting posting from recurring automotive leasing invoices.

Payroll posting file
from Time and Attendance

Payroll file automatically generated, to import directly into the company’s ERP.

VAT files (JPK)
consolidation workflow

Transformation of monthly VAT files, identifying discrepancies and exceptions.

Financial Statements
automated generation

Calculations and transformations leading to monthly or annual reports.

Deferred tax

Analysis and calculation of deferred tax to be paid.

Bank clearing
from different sources

Process that matches and merges transactions from bank statements to accounting.

Discrepancy reports
of unusual transactions

From different accounting systems, identification of unusual operations.

ADP Payroll files
to SAP Accounting

Transformation of ADP payroll extracted file to accounting posting lines to import into SAP.

Time & Attendance
automated log

Tools set-up to automatically track work times and prepare payroll data.

Contract generation
from employee input

Automated generation of work contract from forms directly sent to future employees.

ERP migration
to SAP, Oracle, ...

Data transformation and migration from SAP accounting system to COMARCH.

USALI formatting
for hospitality reporting

Reports matching the USALI standard system, from different hotels and standards.

We process data from any ERP or SaaS
and automate transformations from and to them

Where to start?
Externalize a specific financial process

We are a micro-outsourcer that takes care of specific and complex financial operations.
Start externalizing one of your time consuming processes to gain instant result.

Automation use cases

Consolidation Data Automation

Consolidation processes always require many adjustments from the original sources to the consolidation softwares. With the time, adjustments made can be lost, or hardly understandable


Complex Contracts Management

Digitalise and automatise the provisions and payments of your complex recurring contracts. Provisions and payment calculations of complex contracts is a tedious and repetitive task


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