Payroll Operations

We implement dedicated cloud-based solutions for organization to smoothly manage payroll and human resources matters. We merge different data sources to analyze and produce payroll information.




Arnaud TUAL


Jarosław WILK




We assist corporations in the digitalisation of their traditional financial processes by implementing intelligent Cloud-based accounting workflows. By centralizing and automating financial processes, we enhance the agility, security and efficiency of the financial operations, leading to reduced time to process and eased controlling. From one simple accounting process to a new financial architecture conception, we build scalable and agile automated processes, that our clients can quickly integrate into their operations to gain instant results. 

We free teams from time-intensive and redundant tasks, allowing them to spend more time on analysis and utilizing their full potential to drive the department into the modernity.

Accounting posting from recurring invoices

Automated accounting posting from recurring automotive leasing invoices.

Payroll posting file from Time and Attendance

Payroll file automatically generated, to import directly into the company’s ERP.

VAT files (JPK) consolidation workflow

Transformation and merge of monthly VAT files, identifying discrepancies and exceptions.

Payroll operations and declarations

Payroll operations and social security declarations.​

Time & Attendance​​​

Automated solutions to accurately calculate workforce working time.​

Expenses management​

Manage collaborators expenses through automated workflows.​

Automation that brings value

By centralizing and automating financial workflows, we reduce significantly daily accounting or time-to-close operations. This leads to important time and cost savings, thus improves margins and workforce allocation.

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