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From account payables to bank clearing, expenses management to financial reporting, we bring a new approach to financial operations.




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We assist corporations in the digitalisation of their traditional financial processes by implementing intelligent Cloud-based accounting workflows. By centralizing and automating financial processes, we enhance the agility, security and efficiency of the financial operations, leading to reduced time to process and eased controlling.

From one simple accounting process to a new financial architecture conception, we build scalable and agile automated processes, that our clients can quickly integrate into their operations to gain instant results.

We free teams from time-intensive and redundant tasks, allowing them to spend more time on analysis and utilizing their full potential to drive the department into the modernity.

From record to report

From record to report, we conceive and implement smart financial processes that bring the entire accounting department into a new reality. We ingest, transform, enrich and deliver data ready to be integrated into your business environment.

Processes examples:

Accounting posting from recurring invoices

Automated accounting posting from recurring automotive leasing invoices.

Payroll posting file from Time and Attendance

Payroll file automatically generated, to import directly into the company’s ERP.

VAT files (JPK) consolidation workflow

Transformation and merge of monthly VAT files, identifying discrepancies and exceptions.

Services that adapt to your needs

We implement tailor-made workflows that fit to your business needs and objectives. We build bridges between different ERP or SaaS, that seamlessly integrate into your current organisation. No heavy migration, just solid and agile processes.

25 years of experience in Polish and European standards

We have more than 25 years of experience in European and International standards (IFRS, …), assisting medium to large corporations to report and consolidate their financial operations from different sources and accounting schemes. Our data infrastructures allow us to quickly integrate any financial standard, from any country in the world.

Drive efficiency and accuracy

By standardizing and intelligently reproduce manual processes we strongly enhance the accuracy and security of financial operations. From complex transactions reconciliation, to account or cost center allocations, we apply configurable pre-posting rules to automatically match records and create accounting postings.

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Automation that brings value

By centralizing and automating financial workflows, we reduce significantly daily accounting or time-to-close operations. This leads to important time and cost savings, thus improves margins and workforce allocation.

Always traceable, easily auditable

We build every process with the agility that modern technologies enhance; every data transformation operation is logged, making it easy to identify mistakes or discrepancies and to iterate and optimise the workflow at any time.

We relieve you from your recurring and complex accounting processes

From posting preparation, expenses or leasing management, to tax files preparation, identify a process where your team spend a non-valuable but important time.

Use cases

Complex Contracts Management

Digitalise and automatise the provisions and payments of your complex recurring contracts. Provisions and payment calculations of complex contracts is a tedious and repetitive task


Contracts Generation

From any ERP or HR management system, automatise your contracts generation. Contract redaction and data collecting is a tedious operations for Human Resources departments and


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