Payroll Operations​

From extracting or generating payroll records, to architectures building bridges between many HR and Payroll solutions, we implement dedicated solution to ease and optimize the operations of the Payroll department.



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Our Payroll and Financial automation department build workflows that execute automatically payroll operations, based on specific rules and parameters of each entity or collaborator. This free teams from redundant and tedious tasks as well as implement a lean and smooth payroll workflow.

From one simple process to a new payroll architecture, we build scalable and agile workflows, that our clients can quickly integrate into their operations to gain instant results.

Through always traceable and auditable workflows, we ensure accuracy and compliance of the files we generate, without compromising accessibility, control, or flexibility.

Payroll processing

Payroll operations and social security declarations.​

Time & Attendance management

Automated solutions to accurately calculate workforce working time.​

Collaborators expenses

Manage collaborators expenses through automated workflows.​

Employee benefits

Set up and manage collaborators benefits systems.

Employee onboarding

Easily integrate new employees data into your payroll solution.

Custom Payroll process

We start with an audit of your process to suggest you improvements.

Recent use cases

From ADP Payroll files to SAP Accounting

Automated generation of accounting entries from ADP.

From Sage HR payroll records to COMARCH or SAP Accounting

Automated generation of accounting entries from Sage HR.

Payroll posting file from Time and Attendance

Payroll file automatically generated, to import directly into the company’s ERP.

Time and attendance from entry office doors

Automated generation of attendance records from individual office cards.


Automated Payroll Posting

Discover how we generate accounting entries from Payroll files automatically and shorten the monthly HR processing time.

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