Business services

Financial reporting

Listed companies and their subsidiaries report in a more complex and international environment. Through intelligent financial data processes, we produce real-time reporting and constantly reduce the closing time of our clients.


We assist companies in achieving efficient reporting processes.


Capturing and transforming organisation’s financial data, we deliver any type of statutory and analytical report. Our constant flows of data calculation empowers managers and stakeholders providing them a clear overview of their activity. Through agile processes, we focus on reducing the reporting time.
  • Preparation of statutory reports (P&L, Cash-flows, etc)
  • Real-time overview of financial information
  • Reports in compliance with Polish GAAP, IFRS, among others.
  • Regulatory and public organisations reporting (NBP, Stock exchange, GUS, etc)


Automated Reporting Processes

Explore the automation of reporting processes and how it increases the agility of the entire organisation, transfer employee knowledge to company knowledge and reduce risk by avoiding business interruptions.
  • Financial reports
  • Consolidation
  • Discrepancy reports

About our Financial department

Created in 1993, we build financial and data infrastructures for listed companies and their subsidiaries. We focus on delivering high-end technologies and processes for companies managing large amounts of data and workforce.